Lookout Road

Being Re-released on ARC in May of 2017, Lookout Road is a mix of Blues, Jazz, New Orleans street beat, and Americana-roots that conjures up of images of growing up in the mid-west and states of mind that incorporate both introspection and a sense of community. Anselmi has written a record that is not only true to his talent and his spirit, but that is fun to listen to as well.

Cover art by Justin Wagner. More of his great stuff at can be found here!

Musicians on Lookout Road : 

Ryan Anselmi – Vocals/Woodwinds/Composer

Daniel Foose – Bass

Jason Lawrence – Drums

Carmen Staaf – Piano

Sean Kiely – Guitar

Pat Penta – Mandolin

Chris Hoffman – Producer/  Vocals & Cello on Wichita